Our History

How we've started our famous tradition.

Jacob’s Well was founded in 2005 by Jeff and Lori Miller as a ministry to the community of El Dorado. They borrowed the name from the famous Well at Sychar in the Bible at which Jesus stopped to rest and get refreshment, and ended up offering resource to a Samaritan woman he met there. The original intent of Jacob’s Well was to recreate this atmosphere of rest, refreshment, and resource to the local community in a modern-day context.

Luke and SaVannah Beal acquired Jacob’s Well in July of 2009. With the same heart of ministry and service, they added a great deal of structure to the business—without compromising the original heart of the ministry. The Beals improved seating, extended the hours, and added Brick Oven Pizza to The Well. In 2011, Luke and SaVannah begin feeling the Lord leading them to take the heart of Jacob’s Well to the Kansas City area.

The current owners, Tyler and Molly Brickley, received The Well from Luke and SaVannah in October of 2011. Tyler was born and raised in El Dorado and is passionate about the community, as well as the heart of The Well. Molly was raised in Wichita, but after a few years around the hospitality and warmth of the people here–can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Jacob's Well has now been in its original location for more than a decade, and we're just getting started. A second sandwich table has been added to decrease wait time and increase the number of catering orders we can handle. Please Contact Us if you would like us to cater your next event, or need information on what we can offer and our pricing. 

See you at the well!

We love Jacob's Well

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