Jacob’s Well cooling units involved in heated exchange


El Dorado, KS — The newly installed HVAC units at Jacob’s Well haven’t been getting along, choosing to assault one another with a barrage of passive-aggressive heating and cooling puns.

“He thinks he’s SO cool,” complained the furnace

The A/C replied, “Eh, he’s just blowing hot air.”

Ashley Crisler, Jacob’s Well’s newest employee, just wants them to get along.

“When I signed up last week I had no idea that this was going on,” said Crisler, “It’s pretty exhausting to listen to them vent all day.”

It has been speculated that the lines running between these two units are carrying refrigerant and liquid hate.

“They’re all on his side right now because it’s hot and he’s got really good jokes,” said the furnace, “but you just wait—they’ll warm up to me this winter.”

At press time, the A/C was telling Crisler a joke, but couldn’t remember if the punch line was “So then the duct said, ‘Put it on my bill’” or “Evaporator? I hardly know her!”


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  • Anna Snodgrass

    My HVAC engineer of a husband has high appreciate for this kind of literature.

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