Jacob’s Well discovers man living under floor



El Dorado, KS. Yesterday, one of the regulars of a local coffee shop was discovered to have been living in a crawl space under the floor for the last six years. Jeremy Thompson, a 42 year old from Towanda, Kansas, has been utilizing this space for free and without the knowledge of the building owners or the business proprietor.

He was found when Shawn Humig, an electrician hired to repair the espresso machine, needed to run a new line under the floor.

“I got down into the crawl space and turned on my flashlight, and that’s when I saw him,” said Humig. “I thought it was a raccoon at first because of how the light reflected off his eyes, but then when I got closer I realized it was actually an adult man.”

Heather Wellner, manager of Jacob’s Well, recognized Thompson immediately. “When the tear gas subsided,” said Wellner, “and they finally got him out of there, I was shocked to see that it was Jeremy. He has been in here for lunch every day for years.”

When asked about the area under the floor Thompson had been living in, Humig said, “Well he had a couple old blankets to sleep on and a milk crate set up for his laptop. My guess is that he just used Jacob’s Well’s wifi and would come up at night to use the facilities and forage for food. There were several half eaten cookies and some Panini wrappers scattered around.”

The owner of Jacob’s Well, Tyler Brickley, was asked about the incident. “It’s unnerving, for sure, but it all makes so much more sense now. He always sat at R1, which was never suspicious. Lot’s of customers have favorite spots, but now I realize that R1 is directly over the trap door to the crawl space. I never really saw him come in, either. I’d just walk back there and—hey, there’s Jeremy!”

Official charges are still pending an investigation by the police, who have asked for dozens more of Jacob’s Well’s chocolate chip cookies in order to accurately recreate the crime scene.


  • Monika Jones

    Wow. My hometown has really changed…just disturbing. Desperate times lately.

  • Charmin

    If he isn’t hurting anyone and they haven’t noticed for 6 years let him be

    • Paytheprice

      He’s breaking the law and is illegally using their facility. Stealing….for 6 years! He deserves consequences.

  • Annonymous

    This is so sad, I would hope that they forgive him and don’t press charges. What would Jesus do? ❤️

  • Sandy DeWitt

    An the officials of Butler County don’t think we need a homeless shelter.

  • Patricia

    Jacobs Well has always represented their love and following for Jesus Christ, what better shelter can one take refuge. Sure hope they think about what kind of message they will be sending on how the case is taken forward from here. From the interpretation of how the article is written, he was not hurting anyone, had eaten lunch there daily for years which I assume was paying for and was anything missing from the diner? Hopefully from his experience he knows his savior and who knows, maybe that is where he felt closest to God being in space surrounded by Christians. All to Gods Glory!!

  • Kathy myers

    This blog is “intended for entertainment purposes only and not as fact.” It was fun to read, but maybe the disclaimer should be at the top….

  • Ken Houpt

    Knowing Tyler and his family- God has control of this situation.

  • UnclE sean

    Maybe this will convince you that you need to get those guard rats for your crawlspace like I’ve been telling you to.

  • Wow that is a little crazy to here expecally in El Dorado. Don’t here of stuf like that happening here. However by the grace of God noone was hurt, an everyone is safe.

  • Edna

    This was a joke not serious So not funny.

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