Jacob’s Well hires balloon clown—customers not amused


El Dorado, KS — Ever wish that while you ate a delicious sandwich you could listen to the sound of balloons being twisted and tied together? Patrons of Jacob’s Well in El dorado are now able to have that experience from 12:30-1:30pm every weekday.

“He has been doing a really good job,” said owner Tyler Brickley, “but I probably should have specified that I wanted a children’s clown.”

Prior to his employment at Jacob’s Well, Stabbo the Clown did a few murder mystery parties, was cast as the lead in the independent film Hide and Creep, and finished writing his autobiography during a 3 year stretch at the state penitentiary.

Some customers have been skeptical.

John Pickering, 47, left the restaurant with his wife and three children the second he saw Stabbo.

“I just don’t think it created a good environment for the kids,” said Pickering, “I told Susan to grab her purse because we were leaving.”

Brickley says things are getting better. “We had a couple run ins right at first with him filling some of the balloons animals with ketchup for ‘a more realistic popping experience’, but since then things have been fine.”

At press time, Stabbo was seen out in the courtyard smoking a cigarette and talking on his cell phone.

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