Jacob’s Well logo incorporated into national symbol



Washington, D.C. This morning, the President of the United States unveiled America’s new national seal, featuring the Jacob’s Well logo.

President Obama held an honorary “Plate of the Union” address to announce this change, saying, “It is with great pride and also a small amount of surprise that we are awarding an honorary placement of the coffee cup found in the Jacob’s Well logo into the Great Seal of America.”

Sources confirm that the change will be subtle, with only the handle of the mug sticking out from behind the Eagle’s right thigh.

Matt Peony, the graphic designer in charge of the project, said it was one of the toughest challenges of his career. “I’m incredibly proud of my team,” said Peony, “I think we have not only met, but also exceeded the desires of the white house staff.”

Several critics have been skeptical of the change.

Chip Kidd, graphic designer whose notable work includes the Jurassic Park logo, was one of the most outspoken. “Don’t get me wrong, Matt’s team did a beautiful job with the mug itself—it’s the location that we disagree with.”

He went on to describe the symbolic differences between right and left eagle thighs, saying, “They didn’t do their due diligence in the research phase. I believe history will prove that it should have actually been nestled into a few of the feathers of the eagle’s right wing.”

The original designer of the Great Seal and Secretary of the Continental Congress, Charles Thompson, was asked about what he thought of this revision—but he has been dead for a couple hundred years now and was quite unable to comment.

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