Man gets To Go box from Jacob’s Well, and you won’t believe what he found inside!


El Dorado, KS — Ever hoped to randomly discover a rare item worth millions of dollars? Matt Prichard, 35, has done just that.

“It all started with ordering lunch from Jacob’s Well,” said Prichard “I didn’t have much time to eat, so I just called and ordered it to go.”

Prichard didn’t notice anything strange about the to go box initially, except that it felt slightly heavier than normal.

“I just assumed they had really been generous with the Potato Salad,” he said.

“When I got back to work and opened up the box, I was expecting a delicious sandwich, but I found a charcoal grill inside! I couldn’t believe it—I was in shock.”

IMG_1970 2

Prichard noted that he was about to text this photo to his brother-in-law when he decided to look inside the grill, just in case.

“At first I thought it was just your standard expandable grill, but then I noticed a WALLET under the grill plate,” said Prichard.


There was a brown leather wallet tucked inside.

“I mean, finding a charcoal grill in a to go box is amazing, but what I found in the wallet took my breath away.”


Inside the wallet, Prichard found a baseball autographed by Abraham “Abe” Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States. The inscription next to his John Hancock reads “1861,” meaning that he signed this ball four years prior to being famously assassinated in April of 1865.

Experts are calling this the rarest sports memorabilia find since the bat belonging to Babe Ruth displayed in the Smithsonian Institute was discovered to actually just be a huge wooden mixing spoon.

The ball, valued at over 12 million dollars, is in mint condition. It is speculated that Lincoln probably placed it inside the wallet himself immediately after hitting the home run and signing it. There is no information on what Major League team President Lincoln played for, but the general consensus is that his favorite bat was probably labeled “Honest Abe’s Domination Proclamation.

Prichard has not yet decided what he will do with the ball.

“I could sell it, but that seems like kind of a waste,” he said. “I guess if I DID sell it, I could order carryout from Jacob’s Well like three times a day for the rest of my life—and who knows what I might find in my next to go box!”

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