Server not sure if customer ordered “ice water” or “flyswatter”



El Dorado, KS. Keara Garrison, one of Jacob’s Well’s top servers, struggled to understand a customer earlier today.

Reports indicate that Garrison originally took down the order as “A Turkey and Bacon Panini with a flyswatter,” but started having doubts as soon as she walked away.

“It was a really uncomfortable moment for me,” said Garrison, “because after I left their table I realized he might have just ordered an ice water.”

Abbi Humig was making sandwiches. “Keara came and conferred with me about the misunderstanding, and I advised her to either go clarify it with the customer or take him both things to save time.”

A nearby customer, Sue Pladles, was asked if she overheard the incident and which item she believed the customer had ordered. “No, I didn’t” she said.

Garrison was last seen frantically looking through the tool bucket in the back of the restaurant.


  • Fred

    I am wondering if you will ever have a Speed Date night?

    • tylerbrickley

      Unless you are referring to a competition where we see who can eat the most dates in one minute…probably not!

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